Javascript Game and PWA foray

I saw a fun little game on a friends mobile phone but could not find any version of it in the open-source app store F-Droid. Then I thought to myself that it cannot be too hard to implement. It took a few hours to think through the concept, half a day to implement and another 2 evenings to iron out the kinks.

I chose plain javascript, because it is the most portable approach. Since I wanted to play it on my mobile phone, this would also give me the opportunity to turn it into a progressive web app (PWA). This technology is supposed to give HTML5+JS content a native feel. It gets you a icon/launcher on you mobile phone home screen. Using open technologies such as localStorage and web workers (not required in this simple example) one can ensure content be available when offline and reload in the background when connectivity is resumed.

If you have some time to waste you can play here. You should see some ‘house’ icon in the search bar of you browser to install it as PWA. If you want to learn from it the code is up on my GitHub