Hi, I'm Sebastian

Entrepreneur, Scientist and Dreamer



I started this website in 2012. My main reason was to have my own domain, so I could have my own email address and not be tied to any email provider. So I could ditch googlemail, which I did right after. In fact this website is all about digital ownership and self hosting. I even created a website around this topic: wolkoid.de (it is in german and outdated by now).

I also wanted to start a blog. With 6 posts in 2012 and 3 in 2013 this endeavour was not really succesful.

Inspired by “the four hour work week” which I discovered around that time, I also wanted to get into making money online. That never happened. Instead I started a start-up in 2013. We are still a startup and it’s been one long adventure. Thus this website has not received much attention. So in 2018 I try to reboot it.

This website has taught me a lot about web technologies, web design and self hosting. I encourage everybody to have their own presence on the web. In fact, if you work in IT or a related field, I almost expect you to have a domain and website.

See here for what I am currently focusing on. Here is my blog.


I am currently living in Berlin-Neukölln.

Main focus:

  • Raising seed funding for my company Clemedi
  • Building a useful product to diagnose drug resistance in tuberculosis

Last modified: October 2018
Inspired by Derek Sivers